Founding Team

Aerostrovilos has a strong IIT Madras Alumni connect with many if us coming from this revered Institution that share similar values for the company and our Goals in this company.

Rohit Grover- CEO- An Aerospace Engineering and a combustor enthusiast from IIT Madras and now a third generation entrepreneur who decided to build a gas turbine and not a doctorate thesis to do justice to his Business Blood Cells. Managing the company’s daily activities related to product and business development. He can also be seen cheering the Indian Cricket team from the stands

Satyanarayanan R Chakravarthy

Advisor and Propulsion Expert

Satyanarayanan R Chakravarthy – Advisor and Propulsion Expert A rocket and propulsion enthusiast who decided to use his 20 years of R&D experience to build some crazy deep tech product. Mentors the company on their technical and business goals while still taking out time to teach at the Aerospace Department of IIT Madras where he also runs world’s largest academic Combustion Centre.

Pradeep Thangappan- COO- A serial entrepreneur and a boiler manufacturer who is waiting for his break and believes that Gas Turbines will be the one. He keeps us away from all the statutory troubles and our burning activity in check. If not working you can find him driving to Ladakh on his bike