With Global warming problem rising, Gas Turbines have to be adopted which are the cleanest burning device known to the humans, which can adopt to a variety of fuels which could help in creating net Carbon Neutral ecosystem with the help of Bio-fuels

An engine that clocks Lakhs of rotations per minute for a tens and Thousands of hours with operating temperatures that can melt most of the metals in the periodic table, and pressures that are at least 10 times the atmosphere, needs more than a rocket science. This is Gas Turbine Engineering, an amalgam of all of the world’s engineering to create an epitome of human advancement

Gas turbines are the future!

Aerostrovilos Energy is an IIT Madras incubated startup that is building India’s first indigenous Gas Turbine for power generation. Gas Turbines are primarily used for aerospace propulsion or large power generation from Tens to Hundreds of MWs Aerostrovilos is however building a Micro Gas Turbine Generator, which ranges from Tens of kWs to low hundreds of kWs.

Now this Technology for the first time will be indigenized in our country thereby, reducing our dependency on the west


  • IIT Madras
  • National Centre for Combustion Research and Development

Business and Investor

  • Incubation Cell IIT Madras
  • BPCL
  • Tubes Investment India

Backup power

Backup power

Backup power for apartment complexes, office spaces, data centers, hospitality, healthcare, telecom sector



High Temperature exhaust from the MGT can be used for heating application in process plants. Fuel can be anything form Naphtha, furnace oil, gas etc.

Oil Rigs

Oil Rigs

Off-shore and on-shore oil rigs require primary gen sets that can run on locally available natural gas and diesel for reliable power



Range, high charging time and battery costs has been the major challenges that the EV industry is facing today.

MGTs are compact enough and can be used in automotive in place of bigger batteries and can power the whells with the help of motors


Aerostrovilos manufactures fuel flexible generators up to a few hundreds of kWs for power-based application.


The generator is run by a single shaft Micro Gasturbine engine. It is a highly fuel flexible internal combustion engine, which can be run on any liquid fuels (biodiesel, kerosene, bioethanol, etc) or gaseous fuels (natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, etc).

Current Market

Our generators can be used in cogeneration application for providing combined heat-cooling and power for your systems.

Environmental Benefit

The NOx and SOx emissions from our generator are very miniscule as compared to currently available technologies. Replacing diesel gensets by our generators run by natural gas and biofuels can help curb the air pollution

Advantages over piston engines

Piston engines are made for a specific fuel, whereas our engine is highly fuel flexible. Piston engine requires regular servicing, whereas, our engine with only single moving component, any major service halt is expected only once in3-4 year, thereby saving a lot of your OPEX.



Our 100kW MGT, LX-101 is lightweight and compact and can fit in a 1cubic meter box. With only 1 moving part, the maintenance cost is low with annual maintenance check and minimum life of 10,000hrs or 10 year.

1 Million $

Funding Raised




Team Size

7 years

Company's Age

[Since 2017..]


As we know air pollution levels world over are increasing and there has been push towards cleaner technologies. Gas Turbines have the cleanest emissions with no soot and particulate matter.



Aerostrovilos has a strong IIT Madras Alumni connect with many if us coming from this revered Institution that share similar values for the company and our Goals in this company.