Our Product

Our line of first gas turbine product is a 100kW micro gas turbine for power generation. It is a fuel flexible generator that can on practically any liquid and gaseous fuels. It is flexible to the extent of being fuel agnostic where the user doesn’t have to bother about which is gaseous of liquid fuel line.

As the diesel prices are rising, the ability to run with unconventional fuels such as Naphtha, kerosene, furnace oil, LDO, LSHS etc makes it an attractive option as the savings with these fuels are huge and the overall extra capital cost over DG set can be recovered within a matter of 3-4 months with a minimum of 3 hrs of daily running

Furthermore, unlike a DG set, this doesn’t require any cooling fluid or oil. It is the first time an oil-free technology is introduced in the gas turbines in India, which is going to revolutionize the Gas Turbine Industry.

Our 100kW MGT, LX-101 is lightweight and compact and can fit in a 1cubic meter box. With only 1 moving part, the maintenance cost is low with annual maintenance check and minimum life of 10,000hrs or 10 year.








The generator is run by a single shaft Micro Gasturbine engine. It is a highly fuel flexible internal combustion engine, which can be run on any liquid fuels (biodiesel, kerosene, bioethanol, etc) or gaseous fuels (natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, etc).

Environmental Benefit

The NOx and SOx emissions from our generator are very miniscule as compared to currently available technologies. Replacing diesel gensets by our generators run by natural gas and biofuels can help curb the air pollution

Advantages over piston engines

Piston engines are made for a specific fuel, whereas our engine is highly fuel flexible. Piston engine requires regular servicing, whereas, our engine with only single moving component, any major service halt is expected only once in3-4 year, thereby saving a lot of your OPEX.

Current Market

Our generators can be used in cogeneration application for providing combined heat-cooling and power for your systems.