Gas turbines are the future!

Aerostrovilos Energy is an IIT Madras incubated startup that is building India’s first indigenous Gas Turbine for power generation. Gas Turbines are primarily used for aerospace propulsion or large power generation from Tens to Hundreds of MWs Aerostrovilos is however building a Micro Gas Turbine Generator, which ranges from Tens of kWs to low hundreds of kWs.

Now this Technology for the first time will be indigenized in our country thereby, reducing our dependency on the west


As we know air pollution levels world over are increasing and there has been push towards cleaner technologies. Gas Turbines have the cleanest emissions with no soot and particulate matter. However, the land based turbines face stringent NOx emission norms. This requires lean burning to and staged combustion to cut down NOx. This creates combustion instability problems and is detrimental to expensive engine components that lead to catastrophical failure of the engine and has also led to bankruptcy of many gas turbine companies. At Aersotrovilos we have patented technology that solves both the NOx as well as emissions problems and can burn very low calorific value fuels as well. The emissions are way lower than any of the norms in the world, along with offering fuel flexibility in liquid and gaseous fuels

Hence we started developing LX-101, micro gas turbine generator for 100kW power. However, we came across that use cases for micro turbine were low primarily due to their expensive upfront price. With our innovations in materials, we are able to bring down the upfront cost by 10 times and can offer the MGT for dirt cheap prices which can be used in gen set market

World over people are talking about Solar and Wind penetration, but their unreliability will always require a clean backup solution other than the storage solutions.

We are standing at the cusp of creating a revolution where our fuel flexible MGTs will become mainstream replacing the existing DG sets for the backup power.